May 4, 2012
Day 28 by BC

The resolutions are going well, thanks for asking. I never got that last taste of fried chicken, though, which is a damn shame. It was too late by the time I had time to get dinner, and I always feel skeezy eating fried foods after 9pm unless I’m drinking. Instead, I had some broccoli and cheddar soup as my ‘last hurrah,’ to which my roommate BG said,”You’re so bad, Bettina,” in his typical mocking tranny voice.

In the meantime, I managed to down two ginger ales at the bar on Wednesday as we sent off a friend who’s moving to Boston. I also accidentally ate ONE fried chick pea. At least I think it was fried. It was referred to as “crispy” on the menu.

It’s sad to watch people come and go. I’ve lived in the Chicago area for a long time, and I used to think of myself as a well-traveled person, but it’s pretty obvious that that’s all a ruse. I love the idea of starting over completely - although I’m petrified completely of doing it - because it just seems like another life challenge that needs to be taken on. Or am I just romanticizing something that sorta sucks? No one likes moving to a city where they have no friends. And let’s face it guys, I’m not great at making ‘em.

Yeah, scratch that. I love Chicago. I’ll be here for a while.

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