April 30, 2012
Day 27 by BC

I should take advantage of this time when SD is furiously applying/interviewing for jobs to catch up with her in post number.

Does that make me a bad friend?

Anyhow, today is April 30 which is significant for completely contrived reasons. Specifically, I contrived a plan to be healthy in the month of May. I will officially be drinking only once per week, exercising 3 times a week, abstaining from fried foods, and participating in Meatless Mondays. Here are my reasons, in order of importance.

  1. Mo money, less problems.
  2. Resident bearfriend JC is traveling in Europe. Therefore, I have a lot of free time to fill.
  3. I really don’t like cooking meat. I could probably not cook meat on the same day every week to make myself seem trendier.
  4. I need to stop drinking alcohol solely because I’m thirsty at a restaurant with a nice (or cheap) booze offering.
  5. I’ve been steadily gaining weight since sophomore year of college (not a lot, but enough), and it’s time to reverse that trend.
  6. Swimsuit season?*
  7. Uh, something about healthy living.

Today is April 30, and it is a Monday, therefore I will be having fried chicken for dinner.

Wish me luck!

*reason #6 contingent upon cooperation with Chicago weather patterns

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