April 15, 2012
Day 30 by SD

I’d like to write a quick ode to a t-shirt dress I lost after I moved out of Miami. To this day, it’s one of the saddest losses of a clothing item I’ve ever had. RIP, wherever you are, my black off-shoulder cotton t-shirt dress. I miss you almost everyday, and that’s the truth. 

SIGH. You’d think something as basic as a loose, short-sleeved cotton t-shirt dress would be easy to replace. For god’s sake, it cost me ten dollars from American Eagle’s website. It didn’t seem like it was anything genius, except that goddammit it was. 

It was soft. It was loosely fit but not too loose. I would wear it to sleep. I would wake up, put a oversized, patterned scarf on and go to class. In New York’s fall, I’d throw on leggings, booties, and tie a silk scarf around my waist. In Miami, I’d throw it over my swimsuit to go to the beach. It allowed a soft breeze to brush my skin.

Let me tell you: I am always on the lookout. I am always on the lookout because I’ve spent hours and hours trying to find a replacement, and it’s been so miserable that I’ve essentially given up and now take a “wait and see” approach. A couple times, I’ve gloriously found something similar, and it’s cost about $70. I love it, but in no way is it worth $70. 

Now it’s at that point that even if I do find something similar, it will probably never be the same because I’ve built it up in my mind so much.

Sigh. RIP black off-shoulder cotton t-shirt dress. RIP. 

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