April 10, 2012
Day 29 by SD

My primary goal is to not let the job hunt stress me out too much. Now that I’ve started, it’s taking over my every thought. A running list of who’s responded and who hasn’t runs as a scroll on the bottom of my mind. The cover letters I haven’t started yet pick at me, too. School work takes second tier. My own sanity takes third tier. This blog, apparently, takes no tier at all, stuck in a pile of forgotten projects that also includes “eating properly” or “reading things.”

Yes, yes. I know I will be fine. But it’s kind of like riding up on a roller coaster, where you knew what you’d be getting into before you even went into Disney World. Yet, you still psych yourself as you get closer to the front of the line, and even more once you’ve strapped yourself into car. And then I guess it goes like for for a while because up-down-up-down etc even though we all know how it turns out in the end.

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