April 4, 2012
Day 25 by BC

By all rights, I feel like I should have to deduct days now because I have abandoned this blog for so long. SORRY.

I hate to use this excuse again, but things have been bat-shit crazy. I was so exhausted Sunday night that when I went to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth, instead of cupping water from the faucet, I spit the toothpaste foam into my hand. Not my best moment.

In other news, sometimes I wonder about the types of people you get used to. My friends all tend to be a little nuts, and we talk really fast and jump from topic to topic within 30 seconds. We rarely cope with silence. We rarely tolerate mundaneness. It makes for very exhausting (but extremely awesome) hangout sessions.

Maybe that’s why I always feel like I need recovery time after being social. In addition to my natural introversion, I deal with an extreme level of social engagement when I am hanging out with my friends.

Then, when I end up hanging out with other people, I must seem completely off my rocker. Obviously, I tone it all done because I don’t have anyone off which to bounce, or jettison, depending on how you view us.

I guess that explains a lot.

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