April 1, 2012
Day 28 by SD

I nearly forgot about this entire project this week. It seems like an eternity to abandon it. Both BC and I have taken on other projects. Her, her apartment, and me, bikram yoga again. Plus school and social things. And now that I have a spare moment, I realize that I have no idea what to write. But onward I go, because the point is to write anyway.

Tonight, Sam and I are going out to celebrate our one-year anniversary. The actual date is on Tuesday April 3rd, but we both have evening class so we’re going out to dinner early.

Supposedly girls should remember dates and anniversaries better than men, which is what Whitney Cummings told me. And actually, I do like keeping track of the passage of time. The more time goes on, the more I realize how important planning and figuring out my future is to me. Being actually spontaneous is kind of anxiety inducing. I like having my shit figure out, you know?

But, for the sake of documentation, around 3 a.m. on April 3, Sam and I changed our “shit” to include each other. It wasn’t planned, but sometimes I guess that is okay.

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